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  1. PSA 28 update
  2. Hair loss drug 'masks' test for cancer
  3. Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Commences Phase II, Multi-Center Study of KRX-0401 for
  4. Potential candidate markers for prostate cancer development and new possible drug tar
  5. Prostate Cancer Basics
  6. High Risk Metastatic Prostate Cancer Treatments in clinical trials, a mini overview
  7. Sunshine Pill in 2009
  8. Prostate cancer patients see high survival rates with seed implants
  9. Artificial Intelligence could speed up radiation therapy for cancer patients
  10. VA researcher finds way to identify which men need a second biopsy
  11. Antisoma Drug Found Effective in Hormone-Refractory Prostate Cancer Phase II Trial
  12. Prostate cancer therapy may increase risk of death from heart disease in older men
  13. In Vivo Inhibition of Growth of Human Tumor Lines by Flavonoid Fractions From Cranber
  14. Green tea and COX-2 inhibitors combine to slow growth of prostate cancer
  15. Reactions to 'false-positive' prostate cancer screenings assessed
  16. Cancer treatment targets tumor blood supply
  17. Phase II Clinical Trial of Cytogens QUADRAMET with PSA-TRICOM Initiated for Hormone-R
  18. Health disparities in prostate cancer stem from lack of care, not lack of knowledge
  19. Obesity at the Time of Prostate-Cancer Diagnosis Dramatically Increases the Risk of D
  20. Soy found protective against localized prostate cancer
  21. Inflammation may play role in metastasis of prostate cancer
  22. Curecumin(TM) May Be an Effective Treatment for Prostate Cancer
  23. Study identifies multiple genetic risk factors for prostate cancer
  24. The Need for Better Dissemination of Clinical Trial Information and Opportunities
  25. Measuring calcium intake can help to identify osteoporosis in men with prostate cance
  26. Stress may help cancer cells resist treatment, research shows
  27. PSA doubling predicts prostate cancer recurrence
  28. New imaging method shows whether treatment for advanced prostate cancer is working
  29. UCLA study finds prostate cancer treatments impact on quality of life
  30. Data Presented at AACR Meeting Shows Bavituximab Equivalent Plus Docetaxel Reduces Gr
  31. Quick, Innovative Procedure Helps Men Minimize Incontinence After Prostatectomy
  32. Heavy multivitamin use may be linked to advanced prostate cancer
  33. No magic tomato? Study breaks link between lycopene and prostate cancer prevention
  34. High pretreatment PSA velocity predicts worse outcome
  35. Treatment for early prostate cancer associated with type of specialist seen
  36. Nonhormonal drug reduces hot flashes in men treated for prostate cancer
  37. Trial shows circulating tumor cells predict how prostate cancer patients do with chem
  38. BRCA2 carriers at increased risk for deadly form of prostate cancer
  39. Provenge Stirs Emotion and Support Over Access to Experimental Treatments
  40. Gleevec is a bust for prostate cancer
  41. Outcome of prostate cancer surgery depends on the experience of the surgeon
  42. Gene fusion for Prostate Cancer found
  43. U-M to use new device that detects small movements during radiation
  44. No evidence that widely prescribed statins protect against prostate cancer
  45. First biomarker discovered that predicts prostate cancer outcome
  46. Diet And Medications May Assist Prevention Of Prostate
  47. A low-carb diet may stunt prostate tumor growth
  48. 'Mismatched' prostate cancer treatment more common than expected
  49. UC Davis researchers identify a cellular pathway that makes prostate cancer fatal
  50. Gene discovered with link to more potent form of prostate cancer
  51. Panacea Pharmaceuticals Initiates GMP Manufacturing of Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Tes
  52. Jefferson scientists find protein potential drug target for treatment-resistant prost
  53. Fatherhood linked to prostate cancer risk
  54. Common Molecule Notifies Immune System of Prostate Cancer
  55. Hormonal dietary supplements might promote prostate cancer progression
  56. New gene test for prostate cancer at hand
  57. Urinary dysfunction troubles men who undergo prostate removal
  58. Researchers investigate links between prostate, cadmium, zinc
  59. Prostate cancer: Watchful wait or vaccinate?
  60. New, non-invasive prostate cancer test beats PSA in detecting prostate cancer, resear
  61. Seven new prostate cancer genetic risk factors identified
  62. Overweight and obese men have lower PSA values, even before they get prostate cancer
  63. Nymox's NX-1207 Offers A New And Attractive Approach To The Treatment Of Benign Prost
  64. OHSU Cancer Institute research gives hope for chemo holidays for men with advanced pr
  65. New Blood Marker May Predict Prostate Cancer Spread
  66. Study Supports 'Decision Aids' For Men Considering Prostate Test
  67. Soy compound may halt spread of prostate cancer
  68. Potential association of type 2 diabetes genes with prostate cancer
  69. Exercise may lead to faster prostate tumor growth
  70. Study raises questions about certain prostate cancer therapies under development
  71. Reducing intake of dietary fat prevents prostate cancer in mice
  72. New Gene Methylation Test for Prostate Cancer Available
  73. MR imaging accurately determines prostate cancer treatment failure
  74. Experimental agent blocks prostate cancer in animal study
  75. Estrogen - the new evil in PROSTATE cancer
  76. Researchers identify promising cancer drug target in prostate tumors
  77. New treatment for advanced prostate cancer
  78. Exposure to Agent Orange linked to prostate cancer in Vietnam veterans
  79. PSA screening may be biased against obese men, leading to more aggressive cancers
  80. Cryotherapy: A Novel Treatment Option for Prostate Cancer
  81. Why a common treatment for prostate cancer ultimately fails
  82. Common painkillers lower levels of prostate cancer biomarker
  83. Cancer vaccine shows promise in patients with bowel, kidney and prostate cancer
  84. Cholesterol-lowering drugs may also lower PSA, but whether they cut cancer risk is st
  85. Diet May Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer
  86. Gene activity reveals dynamic stroma microenvironment in prostate cancer
  87. Prostate Cancer Screening Still Unproven: Report
  88. What about Ingual Hernia?
  89. NCCN endorses active surveillance for prostate cancer
  90. Heavy alcohol use, binge drinking, might increase risk of pancreatic cancer, research
  91. No Treatment May Be Suitable Option For Low Risk Prostate Cancer
  92. High-risk prostate cancer associated with significantly lower bone mineral content lo
  93. How prostate cancer packs a punch
  94. Low-risk prostate cancer treated aggressively
  95. Blood test accurately predicts death from prostate cancer up to 25 years in advance
  96. ACS' Brawley: "Prostate cancer screening clearly saves lives: That's a lie"
  97. Surgery Most Effective For Patients with Aggressive Prostate Cancer
  98. Prostate Cancer Patients are at Increased Risk of Precancerous Colon Polyps
  99. Study: Prostate cancer treatment linked to higher rate of colon cancer | University o
  100. Errors Common in Prostate Cancer Staging
  101. New prostate cancer imaging shows real-time tumor metabolism
  102. Finger length points to prostate cancer risk
  103. Genetic mutations associated with increased PSA and prostate cancer
  104. Accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer with ultrasound
  105. Medicare Investigating IMRT for Prostate Cancer
  106. How docs make money
  107. Analysing Cancer Cells to Choose Treatments
  108. Losing hair at 20 is linked to increased risk of prostate cancer in later life
  109. Association Between Diffusion of the Surgical Robot and Radical Prostatectomy Rates
  110. Embryonic Stem Cells Used In New Model For Studying Germ Cell Tumors In Testes
  111. USPSTF Says “No” to PSA Screening
  112. Vasectomy and Prostate Cancer Risk
  113. Minimally invasive radical prostatectomy shows advantages, also certain complications
  114. Anti-cancer effects of broccoli ingredient explained
  115. Can Prostate Cancer Cause Testicular Cancer?
  116. More evidence to question proton therapy for prostate cancer
  117. FDA Approves Zytiga For Early Prostate Cancer Use
  118. Change in PSA levels over time can help predict aggressive prostate cancer
  119. Long-Term Functional Outcomes after Treatment for Localized Prostate Cancer
  120. Surgery Ranks As The Most Cost-Effective Type Of Treatment
  121. Genomic Test Predicts Metastasis Risk in Prostate Cancer?
  122. Risk of Prostate Cancer Quantified for Lynch Syndrome
  123. A New Genomic Test To Guide Prostate Cancer Treatment?
  124. Chemoprevention
  125. Of Prostate Cancer, Glucose, Metabolism and Metformin
  126. Prostate Cancer Metastasis to the Stomach
  127. Prostate Cancer Biomarkers In Seminal Fluid More Accurate Than PSA
  128. Aggressive Prostate Cancer and BRCA Gene Mutations