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  1. Esophageal cancer rates climb with obesity; U-M study finds esophagectomy safe in obe
  2. Stomach Cancer Basics
  3. Polymorphisms in One Gene May Play Role in Aggressive Nature of Esophageal Adenocarci
  4. Gleevec decreases cancer recurrence for patients with primary gastrointestinal stroma
  5. Nodal status is best predictor of outcome after neoadjuvant therapy for esophageal ca
  6. Early Esophageal Cancer
  7. PET scans effective in esophageal cancer
  8. Early treatment of stomach infection may prevent cancer
  9. MGH researchers report successful new laser treatment for vocal-cord cancer
  10. Plasma DNA level is a reliable marker of recurrent esophageal cancer, study finds
  11. Functional Tumor Cell Profiling for Gastric CA
  12. Going from ulcers to cancer
  13. Genetic Analysis May Help Physicians Individualize Treatment Of Patients With GIST
  14. Avastin Misses Target in Stomach Cancer Study
  15. PET Scans & False Positives
  16. Investigators uncover intriguing clues to why persistent acid reflux sometimes turns
  17. Positive Results For Ramucirumab as Single Agent in Phase III Gastric Cancer Trial
  18. New drug overcomes resistance in patients with rare sarcoma
  19. H. Pylori bacteria may help prevent some esophageal cancers
  20. Organ-Sparing Surgery Following Chemoradiation Effective
  21. Minimally Invasive Therapy With Endoscope For Patients With Barrett's Esophagus
  22. Molecular 'Signature' Found In Increasing Form Of Esophageal Cancer
  23. 'Liquid Biopsy' More Precise in Detecting Cancer Mutations?
  24. Ramucirumab: a successor to bevacizumab (Avastin)?