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  1. Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 2 Clinical Trial of SNS-595 in Ovarian Cancer
  2. Ovarian Cancer
  3. Positive Phase II Trial Results for AS1404 in Ovarian Cancer Patients
  4. Functional profiling with cell culture assays
  5. Ovarian Cancer May Mimic Fallopian Tube Formation
  6. Researchers identify ovarian cancer biomarkers
  7. Expert centers prove cost-effective in managing ovarian cancer
  8. Combined Molecular-targeted and Hormonal Therapies Offer Promise in Treating Ovarian
  9. Gene thought to assist chemo may help cancer thrive
  10. Scientists take next step in understanding potential target for Ovarian cancer treatm
  11. Expression Genetics, Inc. Announces Further Clinical Advancement of its Gene-Based IL
  12. Cranberries may improve chemotherapy for ovarian cancer
  13. Finding The Best Treatment For Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
  14. Ovarian Cancer Treatment Improved By Novel Medication
  15. Erbitux and Photodynamic Therapy: Ovarian Cancer
  16. Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial of Chemosensitivity Assay
  17. Phase III Ovarian Cancer Trial on Novel Anticancer Drug Candidate Known as Kareniteci
  18. New Test For Early Stage Ovarian Cancer Is 99 Percent Accurate
  19. Interleukin Plays a Role in Ovarian Cancer Growth
  20. Thalidomide Shows Promise For Treatment Of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
  21. Cell-based Assay Associated with Survival in Ovarian Cancer Patients
  22. Single Agent Carboplatin For First-Line Ovarian Cancer
  23. Using Magenetic Nanoparticles to Combat Cancer
  24. Variation of normal protein could be key to resistance to common cancer drug
  25. Investigational drug shows promise in ovarian cancer
  26. How long should chemotherapy be given for ovarian cancer?
  27. Management of Ovarian Cancer Patients
  28. Chemosensitivity/Resistance Assay Part of NCCN Guidelines
  29. Immunoproteomics strategy for automation of chemoresistance & chemosensitivity array
  30. Avastin in Ovarian Cancer
  31. Ovarian cancer: relevant therapy, not timing, is paramount
  32. CA125 - Treat the Tumor, Not the Marker
  33. Ovarian Cancer and Hormone Therapy
  34. Preliminary results of the MIMOSA trial
  35. Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Improves Survival In Ovarian Cancer
  36. Impact of a chemoresponse assay on treatment costs for recurrent ovarian cancer
  37. PARP Inhibitiors in Ovarian and Other Cancers
  38. Ovarian cancer and brain metastases
  39. Melphalan as a treatment for BRCA-related ovarian carcinoma
  40. Lynch Syndrome
  41. Herceptin (trastuzumab) Sensitizes Ovarian Cancer Cells to EGFR-targeted Therapeutics
  42. Activity of cabozantinib (XL184) in advanced ovarian cancer patients
  43. Peritoneal carcinomatosis from ovarian cancer
  44. Phase III Study in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer: The Odyssey of GOG 213
  45. Carcinosarcoma of the Ovary
  46. Ovarian Cancer Recurrence
  47. The Current and Future Management of Ovarian Cancer
  48. Fluorescent Dye Lights Up Cancer Cells Making Surgery More Effective
  49. KRAS Genetic Marker Linked to Ovarian Cancer Risk
  50. Weakened RNA Interference Reduces Survival In Ovarian Cancer
  51. Ovarian Cancer Therapy
  52. Votrient (pazopanib) shows promise in ovarian cancer
  53. OVATURE Trial: Phenoxodiol could help women resistant to other medicines?
  54. Robotics vs Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy
  55. GOG Meeting
  56. VEGF-Trap
  57. Vascular Disrupting Agent in combination with Antiangiogenesis Agent
  58. Taxanes (Taxol)
  59. Regular Biopsies Needed in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Patients
  60. Maintenance Therapy
  61. Platinum Resistance is in the Eye of the Beholder
  62. Targeting the epigenome in ovarian cancer
  63. Ovarian cancer screening doesn't save lives: study
  64. Dendritic Cell Function in Ovarian Cancer
  65. Assay Results and Bayes' Theorem
  66. Using the Immune system to kill ovarian cancer cells
  67. Gene compels stromal cells to create an environment that supports tumor growth
  68. Low-Dose Chemotherapy Protocol
  69. 'Pap' test possible for Ovarian Cancer?
  70. Surgery for Ovarian Cancer
  71. Chemoprevention
  72. Patient-Specific Cancer Cell Lines Designed To Predict Chemotherapy Sensitivity
  73. Variation on Carbo/Gemzar Doublet
  74. Stem Cell Targeted Therapies for Ovarian Cancer?
  75. Ovarian Cancer Survival Better With Intraperitoneal Than IV Chemo
  76. Chemoresponse assays may markedly boost ovarian cancer survival
  77. Cancer Cytometric Testing More Accurate than Molecular Gene Testing
  78. Does Gleevec Treat Ovarian Cancer?
  79. New Endpoints Proposed for Chemotherapy in Ovarian Cancer?
  80. Genomic Profiling by Next Generation Sequencing
  81. Assay Accurately Predicts Treatment Response in Ovarian Cancer
  82. Impact of cardiovascular comorbidity on ovarian cancer mortality
  83. Pathogenesis of Peritonitis Carcinomatosa in Ovarian Cancer Patients
  84. New Study found Hot Ovarian Cancer Cells are Easier to Kill
  85. Hereditary Ovarian Cancer
  86. Supplements that help fighting ovarian cancer
  87. Bloodstream: New Route For Ovarian Cancer Spread?
  88. Cytoreductive Surgery Combined With Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy
  89. Gene therapy for recurrent ovarian
  90. New resistance mechanisms to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer
  91. Liquid Biopsy Monitors Response in Ovarian Cancer