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  2. The Legacy of Duncan Ross Jr.
  3. Low-protein diet might reduce cancer risk
  4. Probing the blood peptidome for cancer biomarkers
  5. AVEO Acquires Clinical Stage Anti-Cancer Compound From Kirin
  6. Multiple Cancer Types treated with Photodynamic Therapy for Tumor Ablation
  7. Stem Cells Derived from Amniotic Fluid No Substitute for Embryonic Cells
  8. Prevention of Chemotherapy-Induced Mucositis
  9. Aspirin saves lives of cancer patients suffering heart attacks, despite fears of blee
  10. Stem cells cultured from human bone marrow behave like those derived from brain tissu
  11. Tiny Transistors Scout for Cancer -- Service 2003 (325): 3 -- ScienceNOW
  12. Important mechanism identified in the formation of blood vessels
  13. Influence of Race on Attitudes Toward Clinical Trial Enrollment in Radiation Oncology
  14. Reasons Why Cancer Drug Discovery is so Difficult
  15. Reducing Drug Development Costs and Sharing more Pharmaceutical Data
  16. Man-made Proteins Could Be More Useful than Real Ones
  17. Dichloroacetate: Panacea or Problematic?
  18. Master switches found for adult blood stem cells
  19. Mice Cloned from Skin Cells
  20. Simple 2-gene test sorts out similar gastrointestinal cancers
  21. 02.12.2007 - New medical technique punches holes in cells, could treat tumors
  22. Shortening chromosomes cause for earlier cancer onset in families with rare syndrome
  23. Adult Stem Cells Decide the Fate of Their Daughters
  24. HIV protein enlisted to help kill cancer cells
  25. Cancer cells more likely to genetically mutate
  26. Cancer that colonizes our bodies
  27. Scientists uncover new target in cancer mutation puzzle
  28. Antibody signal may redirect inflammation to fuel cancer
  29. CSHL research ties harmless viruses to cancer
  30. How stem cells are regulated
  31. A Breath Test for Lung Cancer?
  32. A Study of Low-grade gliomas (LGG) and Malignant Transformation (MT) in Children
  33. Should Patients Do Their Own Research?
  34. Queen's studies find new links between wine, fermented foods and cancer
  35. Driver Mutations and Passenger Mutations on the road to cancer
  36. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Cytogenetics and Karyotype
  37. FDA Strengthens Warning on Drugs prescribed for Anemia in Cancer Patients
  38. 06-115 (Chromium 6)
  39. HL and NHL genetic risks...
  40. Researchers use poliovirus to destroy neuroblastoma tumors in mice
  41. Morphine kills pain -- not patients
  42. Study: Online information may improve cancer patients' opinions about doctors
  43. Eliciting cytotoxic T lymphocytes against acute myeloid leukemia-derived antigens:
  44. Discovery in plants suggests entirely new approach to treating human cancers
  45. New role for sugars: Research shows connections between sugar modifications in cells
  46. Northwestern chemists develop new method for synthesizing anti-cancer flavonoids
  47. Study produces conflicting findings on the use of anti-anemia drug in cancer patients
  48. Aspartame Still Considered Safe
  49. Stem cells provide clues to cancer spread
  50. Panel offers guidelines on skin reactions to new class of cancer drugs
  51. Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Top-Line Results in Bavituximab Combinatio
  52. Researchers shed light on mechanism of action used by anti-cancer drug
  53. Studies Link Insurance Coverage to More Advanced Cancers
  54. CSHL scientists successfully target tumor microenvironment to stop cancer growth
  55. FDA Grants Priority Review for Oral Formulation of HYCAMTIN(R) (topotecan) to Treat R
  56. St. Jude shows gene test not needed if cancer drug given in low doses
  57. Scientists study cancer cell movement
  58. Support for chromosomal theory of cancer found in cancers' development of drug resist
  59. Researchers discover method for identifying how cancer evades the immune system
  60. Maxygen Initiates Phase IIa Clinical Trial of MAXY-G34 in Breast Cancer Patients
  61. The European Myeloma Platform Reports New Survival data for REVLIMID Presented at the
  62. New Cancer Treatment Adds to Survival Rates in Lung Cancer Patients
  63. Researchers discover human embryonic stem cells are the ultimate perpetual fuel cell
  64. Commentary highlights impact of food-cancer drug interactions
  65. New Clue into How Diet and Exercise Enhance Longevity
  66. Cancer research summaries
  67. UGA study explains why anti-smoking ads backfire or succeed
  68. Why Community Oncology Can Benefit From Cell Function Analysis
  69. Survey Determines Impact of False-positive Cancer Tests
  70. MIT IDs link between brain tumor proteins
  71. Sperm banking before treatment preserves fertility in young male cancer patients
  72. White Blood Cell Booster May Help Cancer Patients Avoid Deadly Complications
  73. NEW! - Process Vitamin D like an opossum
  74. Survey finds many Americans believe unsubstantiated claims about cancer
  75. Threshold Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trial Evaluating TH-302 in Patie
  76. Anti-Tumor Activity and Pharmacokinetic Properties of NKTR-102 (PEG-irinotecan) to be
  77. U-M team identifies gene that regulates blood-forming fetal stem cells
  78. A friendly foe -- Bacteria residing in the gut boost immune response to tumors
  79. Biologists at Tufts University discover 1 reason why chromosomes break, often leading
  80. Green tea boosts production of detox enzymes, rendering cancerous chemicals harmless
  81. PENN Medicine News: Penn Researchers Find Diabetes Drug Kills Some Cancer Cells
  82. HHMI News: Researchers Evolve Artificial Enzymes in the Laboratory
  83. Clemson chemists discover new way antioxidants fight debilitating diseases
  84. Study finds blocking angiogenesis signaling from inside cell may lead to serious heal
  85. How vitamin C stops Cancer
  86. Targeted drug combos could outsmart cancer
  87. European directive will halt use of MRI scans; cancer diagnosis and treatment will su
  88. Study: Medicare Modernization Act Did Not Change Chemotherapy as Feared
  89. Gold nanorods shed light on new approach to fighting cancer
  90. Researchers Develop New Procedure to Screen All 46 Human Chromosomes to Identify Abno
  91. First High-Res 3-D Structures of Mammalian HSP90 Protein Solved, Key to Better Target
  92. Phase I pharmacokinetic study of ECO-4601, a novel bifunctional targeting agent
  93. Chemical in red wine, fruits and vegetables stops cancer, heart disease, depending on
  94. Australian researchers develop treatment to stop cancer weight loss and treat obesity
  95. Immune system can drive cancers into dormant state
  96. Cancer-resistant mouse could make BMT a fountain of youth
  97. Hazards of CT scans overstated
  98. Lymphatic vessel and lymph node function are restored with growth factor treatment
  99. What a Tumor cell and Sperm have in common
  100. PI3K Enzyme Structure Reveals New Targets for Cancer Drugs
  101. Researchers train the immune system to deliver virus that destroys cancer in lab mode
  102. A new way to sort stem cells
  103. Treating oft ignored non-cancer health issues after cancer diagnosis prolongs surviva
  104. FOXO factor promotes survival of oxygen-deprived cancer cells
  105. Colon cancer risk in US traced to common ancester
  106. EntreMed Announces FDA Acceptance of IND Application for Aurora Kinase/Angiogenesis I
  107. Understanding the have-knots: The role of stress in just about everything
  108. What is the Clinical Relevance of Gene Profiling?
  109. 10-fold life span extension reported in simple organism
  110. Evolution of human genome's 'guardian' gives people unique protections from DNA damag
  111. SGX Initiates Phase I Trials for SGX523 for Breast, Colon, Prostate
  112. Diet and lifestyle critical to recovery, says study
  113. Consuming extra virgin olive oil helps to combat degenerative diseases, such as cance
  114. Cell division studies hint at future cancer therapy
  115. Synthesis of Molecule Could Lead to Better Anti-Cancer Drugs
  116. Explaining chemotherapy-associated nausea
  117. Anemia treatment may be a double-edged sword
  118. Pharmaceutical breakthrough may make a range of drugs cheaper and more available
  119. Study finds widespread vitamin and mineral use among cancer survivors
  120. A Functional Immune System Can Be Derived From Embryonic Stem Cells, Preliminary Stud
  121. Major study links insurance status to advanced stage in multiple cancers
  122. Identical twins not as identical as believed
  123. Precancerous Stem Cells Can Form Tumor Blood Vessels
  124. Diseased Brain Cells Selectively Targeted By Tumor-Killing Virus
  125. Report says half a million cancer deaths have been averted since death rate drop
  126. Expressive Writing Appears to Change Thoughts and Feelings about Cancer
  127. Screening the herbal pharmacy
  128. Soak those potatoes before frying for anti cancer effects
  129. Fugitive cancer cells can be blocked by stopping blood cells that aid them
  130. Avastin in the Adjuvant Setting
  131. New Cancer Research Model Bridges Health Disparity Gap
  132. Researchers ID behavioral risk factors for head and neck cancers
  133. ) Radiation Exposure In Utero and in Young Children Increases Adult Cancer Risk
  134. Anchoring Protein Variant Associated with Increased Breast Cancer Risk
  135. Mayo Clinic study shows Parkinson's disease drug might work in cancer patients
  136. Can Aspirin Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?
  137. The Clinical Reality of Metastatic Cancer
  138. Genetic counselors turn to unconventional counseling to meet demand for genetic testi
  139. Researchers develop method to rapidly ID optimal drug cocktails
  140. Killer stairs? Taking the elevator could be worse for your body
  141. Discovery Of Signaling System That Halts The Growth Of A Childhood Brain Cancer
  142. Toxin Found In Leading Organic Brand
  143. Roswell Park Cancer Institute Receives Grant To Develop Vaccine Against Ovarian Cance
  144. Mounting evidence shows red wine antioxidant kills cancer
  145. Study Finds Improvement In The Care Of Children With Cancer At The End Of Life
  146. Blood pressure enzyme can have tumor-sensing role
  147. Double Binding Sites on Tumors Could Provide Future Combo Therapy
  148. Researchers Reveal Structure of Protein That Repairs Damage to Cancer Cells
  149. Inaccuracies In Studies Of Cancer Treatment Revealed
  150. Researchers report the cloning of a key group of human genes, the protein kinases
  151. New Cancer Gene Discovered
  152. Researchers Launch Online WOW type Protein Folding Game
  153. FDA Scraps Helsinki Declaration on Protecting Human Subjects
  154. Human ageing gene found in flies
  155. Girls, young women can cut risk of early breast cancer through regular exercise
  156. Stabilizing cancer-fighting p53 can also shield a metastasis-promoter
  157. Major 'missed' biochemical pathway emerges as important in virtually all cells
  158. Weill Cornell Team Identifies New Cancer Stem Cell Driving Metastatic Tumors
  159. Regulatory B cells exist -- and pack a punch
  160. Cancer-killing viruses influence tumor blood-vessel growth
  161. Could new discovery about a shape-shifting protein lead to a mighty 'morpheein' bacte
  162. Leukemia drug could save lives of stroke patients
  163. For Some Patients, Cancer Is Just Half The Battle
  164. Refusal of suicide order: Why tumor cells become resistant
  165. Certain anticancer agents could be harmful to patients with heart disease
  166. McGill researchers overcome chemotherapy resistance in the lab
  167. Cancer 'cure' in mice to be tested in humans
  168. New ovarian stimulation technique offers more cancer patients the chance to preserve
  169. Counting tumor cells in blood predicts treatment benefit in prostate cancer
  170. Discovery Of Mechanism Explains How Cancer Enzyme Winds Up On Ends Of Chromosomes
  171. Tufts researchers discover link between DNA palindromes and disease
  172. Cancer research highlights
  173. Catch of the day: zebrafish as a human cancer model
  174. Consent issues restrict stem-cell use
  175. Ins and outs of tumour control
  176. American Cancer Society study finds high use of complementary methods among cancer su
  177. Pharmacologic doses of Vitamin C as a prooxidant and decrease growth of aggressive tu
  178. Recipe for cell reprogramming adds protein
  179. Targeted radiation therapy can control limited cancer spread
  180. NIH scientists find a novel mechanism that controls the development of autoimmunity
  181. Duke-NIEHS team shows how DNA repairs may reshape the genome
  182. Cancer signatures uncovered
  183. Cancer Physician Invents Test For New Drugs That Cut-off Tumor?s Blood Supply
  184. By amplifying cell death signals, scientists make precancerous cells self-destruct
  185. Brain cells called astrocytes undergo reorganization and may engulf attacking T cells
  186. Blood cells derived from Embryonic Stem Cells
  187. Unsuccessful drug against anxiety opens a novel gateway for the treatment of cancer
  188. Antivascular activity of lapatinib and bevacizumab in primary microcluster cultures o
  189. Anti-tumor therapy with endoscopic ultrasound may fight cancer more safely and effect
  190. Vytorin and Cancer - is there a link?
  191. Adding taxotere to chemotherapy regimen improves survival in early breast cancer
  192. Novel Anti-Cancer Mechanism Found in Long-Lived Rodents
  193. Longevity, cancer and diet connected: New research in worms could apply to humans
  194. Scientists discover cancer-causing role of gene proteins
  195. Variant of Vitamin D Receptor Gene Linked to Melanoma Risk
  196. New research to help dogs with cancer may benefit people
  197. Improvements for patients with Oral Mucositis
  198. Immune System Can Hurt As Well As Help Fight Cancer
  199. Metastatic movements in 3-D
  200. Vitamin D a key player in overall health of several body organs
  201. Adult Stem Cell Treatment Ready for Human Testing?
  202. Reprogramming adult cells into iPS cells using adenoviruses instead of retroviruses
  203. The anticancer effects of fruits and vegetables
  204. Regulation of T cell receptor CD3 zeta chain expression by L-arginine
  205. Breast cancer awareness month spotlights oral mucositis: Side effect of anticancer th
  206. Bevacizumab better than gold standard imaging at detecting tumors
  207. Personalized Cancer Medicine Is Here, NOW!
  208. How eating fruit and vegetables can improve cancer patients' response to chemotherapy
  209. The upside to allergies: cancer prevention
  210. Improved rodent trials can speed cancer drug development
  211. Tests Could Predict Benefit From Cancer Drugs
  212. Could vitamin D save us from radiation?
  213. Tumors Grow Faster Without Blood-Supply Promoting Molecule
  214. Cancer Patients in Nursing Homes
  215. New imaging technique tracks cancer-killing cells over prolonged period
  216. Exercise and rest reduce cancer risk
  217. Chasing Mets (Metastasis)
  218. Differentiating Between Healthy Cells And Cancer Cells
  219. Mayo Clinic Researchers Find Experimental Therapy Turns on Tumor Suppressor Gene in C
  220. Iron causes tumor cell death
  221. Penn study demonstrates new way to boost immune memory
  222. Common chemotherapy drug triggers fatal allergic reactions
  223. Cure Cancer? Not Without a Course Correction
  224. RNA explains the gap between complexity of cellular functions and limited number of g
  225. Controversial Cancer Stem Cells Offer New Direction For Treatment
  226. Controversial Cancer Stem Cells Offer New Direction For Treatment
  227. Medical clinical research slows for lack of patients
  228. Unlocking the body's defenses against cancer
  229. Researchers identify new, cancer-causing role for protein
  230. Researchers find first evidence of virus in malignant prostate cells
  231. Major clinical study rejects cancer safety fears of most common heartburn treatment
  232. Bioluminescence imaging used for eye cancer detection
  233. Yet another cancer gene discovered
  234. Loss of tumor supressor gene essential to transforming benign nerve tumors into cance
  235. Herbal tonic for radiotherapy
  236. Texas A&M researchers find new mechanism for circadian rhythm
  237. Checkered history of mother and daughter cells explains cell cycle differences
  238. Sensor biochips could aid in cancer diagnosis and treatment
  239. Study shows how normal cells influence tumor growth
  240. New research suggests how low doses of radiation can cause heart disease and stroke
  241. Adding Tool Against Breast Tumors
  242. Cholesterol lowering drugs may be useful in the fight against cancer
  243. Scientists Are First To Observe The Global Motions Of An Enzyme Copying DNA
  244. Duke develops nano-scale drug delivery for chemotherapy
  245. Intervals between lung cancer diagnosis and treatment displays a health care disparit
  246. New mechanism explains how the body prevents formation of blood vessels
  247. Neurontin for pain management/neuropathy
  248. Antineoplastic activity of idazoxan hydrochloride
  249. Laser therapy can aggravate skin cancer
  250. Blocking inflammation receptor kills breast cancer stem cells, U-M study finds