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  1. New test predicts blood cancer's sensitivity to experimental cancer drug
  2. First antisense drug provides benefit to subset of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patie
  3. Genta Cites Publication of Study Showing Improved Outcomes in CLL Patients Treated Wi
  4. Clinical Trial of the DiSC Assay
  5. Massey researchers induce cell death in leukemia
  6. Gene therapy protocol at UCSD activates immune system in patients with leukemia
  7. Clinical study shows biological and clinical activity in relapsed leukemia patients
  8. Assay-Directed Therapy Strategies in CLL
  9. A few questions
  10. Insufficient vitamin D levels in CLL patients linked to cancer progression and death
  11. Novel Experimental Agent Is Highly Active In CLL Patients, Interim Study Shows
  12. Rituxan (rituximab) Maintenance Therapy in CLL
  13. Researchers Find Predictive Tests and Early Treatment Delay Progression of CLL
  14. Genetic evolution of chronic lymphocytic leukemia tracked
  15. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Cells Destroyed By Monoclonal Antibody
  16. Positive Results for Adding Obinutuzumab to Chlorambucil in CLL
  17. Test Shown to Reduce Early Cancer Deaths is Now Available to Patients