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  1. Calculated risk
  2. TAX 324 Phase III Study Shows Docetaxel Increases Survival in Head, Neck Cancer
  3. New research to combat diarrhea during chemotherapy
  4. Phase III Global Study of Tykerb Started for Head and Neck Cancer
  5. Combining NSAIDs with chemotherapy, radiation may improve cancer treatment
  6. PET scans effective in esophageal cancer
  7. A new radiation therapy treatment developed for head and neck cancer patients
  8. Larynx preservation preferred over total laryngectomy
  9. Black Raspberries May Prevent Esophageal Cancer
  10. Researchers find cause of severe allergic reaction to cancer drug
  11. Tulane University Surgeon Pioneers 'Scarless' Thyroid Surgery
  12. Megace and Weight Gain
  13. Do you have problems eating and drinking?
  14. Early trial of new multi-kinase inhibitor shows impressive activity in thyroid cancer
  15. Oral Cancer Recurrence Predicted By Gene Signature
  16. Identification of Target Genes for Therapy in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  17. Expanded Approval for Erbitux in Head and Neck Cancer
  18. 3D model of lab-made tissue that mimics the lining of the oral cavity
  19. Potential Combination Therapy For Esophageal Cancer?
  20. Miami Project Gets Green Light to Begin Schwann Cell Human Trial | Miller School of M
  21. HPV-Linked Oral Cancer In Men Increasing
  22. Combining ex vivo functional analyses with molecular profiling
  23. cometriq prescription
  24. Characteristics of thyroid cancer
  25. FDA approves Nexavar to treat type of thyroid cancer
  26. Thyroid cancer cases soar; is it overdiagnosed?
  27. Immunotherapy for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma