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  1. Affymax(R) Receives $10 Million Milestone Payment From Takeda Based on Progress in He
  2. Crist: Pay for stem cell studies, but not new embryonic research
  3. Obesity drug helps unlock clues about cancer
  4. Patented Technology Could Improve Efficacy of Monoclonal Antibodies
  5. PER.C6 Technology from Crucell Could Soon Herald Lowered Costs for Antibody Treatment
  6. Awakening natural immunity with chemo, a new tool
  7. What Is in the Pipeline at GlaxoSmithKline?
  8. Common Ingredient in Big Macs and Sodas Can Stabilize Gold Nanoparticles for Medical
  9. Common cold virus may kill breast cancer cells
  10. Sunesis Pharmaceuticals SNS-314 Aurora Kinase Inhibitor Filed With the FDA
  11. The EGFRx
  12. Holographic images use shimmer to show cellular response to anticancer drug
  13. Breast Cancer Treatment Heats Up
  14. 2007 Update of What is in the Oncology Pipeline at Glaxosmithkline
  15. Antiprotons Four Times More Effective than Protons for Cell Irradiation
  16. Personalized diets may offer relief to advanced cancer patients
  17. Precancerous stem cells?
  18. Small molecule dervived from Rb2/p130 could act as cancer therapeutic
  19. Targeting tumors the natural way
  20. Preventing cancer without killing cells
  21. Fat overrides effects of vitamin C
  22. New Generation of Clinical Trials Could Improve Patient Care
  23. MicroRNA Can Suppress Tumors
  24. Anti-fungal drug stops blood vessel growth
  25. Targeting sugar on blood vessels may inhibit cancer growth
  26. Diabetes drug dramatically boosts power of platinum chemotherapy
  27. Dealing deadly cancers a knockout punch
  28. Newly identified mechanism for silencing genes points to possible anti-cancer strateg
  29. Nanocomposite labeled cancer cells can be targeted and destroyed using lasers
  30. Targeted nanoparticles incorporating siRNA offer promise for cancer treatment
  31. Epigenetic Factors
  32. FISH on a chip offers quicker, less costly cancer diagnosis
  33. Nanoparticles carry chemotherapy drug deeper into solid tumors
  34. Community Oncology Explores Pitched Debate Over Anemia-Fighting Drugs
  35. Biomedical engineers use electric pulses to destroy cancer cells
  36. Weizmann Institute scientists discover a control mechanism for metastasis
  37. New cancer weapon: nuclear nanocapsules
  38. Stem cells in adult testes provide alternative to embryonic stem cells for organ rege
  39. MR spectroscopy identifies breast cancer, reduces biopsies
  40. Targeting Cancer With New Strategies
  41. Study Reports Successful Cloning of Human Embryo Using Adult DNA
  42. University of Rochester Press Releases
  43. New Genetic Barcoding Technique Identifies Dozens of Targets for Cancer Drugs
  44. New Multi-Electrode Ablation Catheters and RF Generator Featured at American College
  45. Slipping through cell walls, nanotubes deliver high-potency punch to cancer tumors in
  46. Pharmacogenetics of Anticancer Agents
  47. Companion Diagnostics
  48. Development of Personalized Tumor Biomarkers Using Massively Parallel Sequencing
  49. Antitumor and Antimicrovascular Effects of Nexavar
  50. Antineoplastic activity of idazoxan hydrochloride
  51. Studying Cells in 3-D Could Reveal New Cancer Targets
  52. Clinical trial of molecularly-personalized chemotherapy
  53. How Chemotherapy Drugs Block Blood Vessel Growth, Slow Cancer Spread
  54. Gene-Guided Chemotherapy Research Questioned
  55. Flow Cytometry
  56. The I-SPY 2 Clinical Trial
  57. New microscopy tracks molecules in live tissue at video rate
  58. Is Molecular Profiling Ready for Use in Clinical Decision Making?
  59. FDA to alter rules for cancer drug cocktails
  60. The role of genomic testing for predicting response to chemotherapy
  61. Biomarkers of Antiangiogenic Therapy
  62. Catching cancer with carbon nanotubes
  63. Vascular Disrupting Agent in combination with Antiangiogenesis Agent
  64. Functional analysis of PARP inhibitors in human tumor primary cultures
  65. Matching Targeted Therapies To Tumor's Specific Gene Mutations
  66. Pet Scans in Oncology
  67. Systems Biology Is The Future Of Medical Research
  68. Cancer Physician Invents Test For New Drugs That Cut Off Tumor's Blood Supply
  69. 14th International Symposium on Anti-Angiogenic Agents
  70. 103rd Annual American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Meeting
  71. Treatment-induced damage to tumor microenvironment promotes chemoresistance
  72. New method may allow personalized clinical trial for cancer therapies
  73. The ENCODE Project
  74. Human Microbiome Project
  75. From the Sea Depths
  76. Stem cells develop best in 3D
  77. Cancer Scientists Identify Liposarcoma Tumors That Respond To Chemotherapy
  78. Advances in improving the efficiency of induced pluripotent stem cells
  79. The Primacy of Microspheroids
  80. Nanotechnology: researchers discover cancer cells feel much softer than normal cells
  81. Tumor Blood Vessels Orchestrate The Birth Of Cancer Stem Cells
  82. Matching Tumors With The Optimal Cancer Drugs
  83. Small molecules in the blood might gauge radiation effects after exposure
  84. Chasing Waterfall Plots
  85. Immunological Research: A multi-faceted approach to curing disease
  86. Tumor Storage Facilitates Targeted Treatment
  87. PD-1 Immune Booster
  88. Why Oncologists Donít Like In Vitro Chemosensitivity Tests
  89. Pacific yew: A potent cancer fighting agent
  90. Molecular profiling randomized trial of targeted cancer medicine in all tumor types
  91. ARTS protein-based cancer drugs could change the treatment method of cancer
  92. microRNAs
  93. Anticancer efficacy of the metabolic blocker 3-bromopyruvate
  94. Activating CD103+Dendritic Cells May Lead to Improved Immunotherapy
  95. Investigators in Boston Re-Invent the Wheel
  96. Virotherapy
  97. Thereanostics