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  1. FDA Approves Herceptin(R) for the Adjuvant Treatment of HER2-Positive Node-Positive B
  2. Breast cancer patients found to live longer with new drug :: Chron.com - Houston Chro
  3. Breast cancer may be sexually transmitted
  4. Kosan's Hsp90 Inhibitor, Tanespimycin, Shows Promising Antitumor Activity in Phase 2
  5. Landmark Tykerb(R) (Lapatinib) Data Published in the New England Journal of Medicine
  6. ADVENTRX Initiates CoFactor Phase II Clinical Trial in Refractory Breast Cancer
  7. Texas M.D. Anderson Opens First-Ever IBC Clinic
  8. Selective marker found to indicate aggressive form of breast cancer
  9. CHEK2*1100delC Breast Cancer Patients Have Increased Risk of Second Breast Cancer
  10. Adding radiation decreases breast cancer recurrence
  11. Peptide vaccine fights off breast tumors with aid of bacteria-mimicking agents
  12. Phase II trial of peptide vaccine in breast cancer patients through the US Military C
  13. UM/Sylvester Researchers Identify Molecular Pathway That May Help Fight Breast Cancer
  14. Why Her-2 has not been a magic bullet in Breast Cancer
  15. 2 new studies back vitamin D for cancer prevention
  16. Improved imaging for identifying breast cancer in overweight women
  17. Increase in Breast Cancer treatment related MDS when GCSF given with Chemo
  18. One Breast Cancer Therapy Could Have Counter-Productive Effects
  19. Gene elevating breast cancer risk also causes prostate cancer
  20. International study points to new breast cancer-susceptibility gene
  21. Emerging research heralds new era of breast cancer management
  22. Early switch to an aromatase inhibitor increases survival
  23. Breast cancer survival rates improved by novel drug sequence, say researchers
  24. Active lifestyle reduces risk of invasive breast cancer
  25. Gene profiling predicts resistance to breast cancer drug Herceptin
  26. A black and white look at breast cancer mortality
  27. 'Bridge' protein spurs deadliest stages of breast cancer
  28. Drug Industry Increasingly Influences Breast Cancer
  29. Genetic Breast Cancer test gets FDA approval
  30. Researchers find the mechanism by which cells resist chemotherapy
  31. BRCA Mutation Carriers Face Younger Diagnosis of DCIS
  32. Probe to detect spread of breast cancer co-developed by UH scientist
  33. UC Davis researchers use heated nanoprobes to destroy breast cancer cells in mice
  34. Breast cancer survivors experience long-term heart disease risk from radiotherapy
  35. Study aims to find which breast cancer patients need chemotherapy
  36. Study questions 'cancer stem cell' hypothesis in breast cancer
  37. Racial disparities seen in male breast cancer survival
  38. UBC discovery may lead to 'smart' therapies for breast, ovarian cancer
  39. Breast Cancer Treatment Developed By UAMS Surgeon
  40. Chemosensitive p53-mutant breast cancers
  41. Physicians May be Obstacles to Breast Reconstruction
  42. AGD - New Saliva Test May Help Dentists Test for Breast Cancer
  43. Mammograms for women in their 40s should be based on individual
  44. More aggressive breast cancer in Hispanics independent of health care utilization
  45. Genes set scene for metastasis
  46. Breast cancer diagnosis from combined MRI-optics method
  47. What's in the water? Estrogenic activity documented in fish caught in Pittsburgh's ri
  48. Jefferson researchers boost immune 'killer cells,' increase antibody effectiveness ag
  49. Neither abortion nor miscarriage associated with breast cancer risk
  50. New hereditary breast cancer gene discovered
  51. Fat tissue-derived hormone leptin increases e-cadherin expression, obesity-breast can
  52. pHLIP, a novel technology to locate and treat tumors
  53. Decrease in breast cancer rates likely reflect HRT reduction and saturation of mammog
  54. Cryoablation is a safe procedure for breast cancer patients, early results indicate
  55. Gene patenting -- steep cost for health care and patients
  56. Chemotherapy more effective when given before breast cancer surgery
  57. IMS updated recommendations on postmenopausal hormone therapy
  58. Excercise levels and Breast Cancer Outcome
  59. New Breast Cancer Susceptibility Gene?
  60. Intake of vitamin D and calcium associated with lower risk of breast cancer before me
  61. Increasing radiation dose shortens treatment time for women who choose breast sparing
  62. Penn: Office of University Communications: Fluorescence Diffuse Optical Tomography Pr
  63. New Study Finds Plant-Based Diets Play Critical Role in Breast Cancer Survival
  64. Herceptin: Cancer Drug May Elude Many Women Who Need It
  65. 1-step breast cancer treatment combines radiation, surgery
  66. Software enhancement of breast MRI scans help radiologists reduce false positives
  67. Pregnancy nausea/vomiting may indicate lower risk of breast cancer
  68. New adjuvant treatments for breast cancer prove cost-effective
  69. MRI plus X-ray mammography doubles breast cancer detection in women at high risk
  70. Link between immune system and mammary gland could shed new light on breast cancer
  71. About MCF-7 cells
  72. Stem cells used to build breast tissue after mastectomy
  73. Exercise helps breast cancer survivors
  74. Src inhibitors may prove beneficial in breast cancer therapy
  75. Support groups don't extend survival of metastatic breast cancer patients, Stanford s
  76. Screening MRI allows detection of more breast cancers in high-risk women
  77. New study suggests Concord grape juice may provide protection against breast cancer
  78. MRI finds breast cancer before it becomes dangerous
  79. New Cause of Tamoxifen Resistance in Breast Cancer Cells
  80. Tumors use enzyme to recruit regulatory T-cells and suppress immune response
  81. Women's hormones and breast density are seperate predictors for breast cancer
  82. Carcinomatous Menigitis: Taxane Induced?
  83. Why Does Ovary Removal Prevent Breast Cancer?
  84. Molecular fingerprint of breast-cancer drug resistance can predict response to treatm
  85. Wine, women and... spirits, beer and breast cancer risk
  86. Jefferson researchers uncover new evidence of prolactin's possible role in breast can
  87. Fetal cell 'transplant' could be a hidden link between childbirth and reduced risk of
  88. Dietary calcium could possibly prevent the spread of breast cancer to bone
  89. U-M News: New gene linked to breast cancer
  90. UC San Diego researchers improve accuracy of breast cancer prognoses
  91. Au Naturale: sunbathing may decrease risk of advanced breast cancer by half
  92. Cancer Prevention Coalition: The Breast Cancer Awareness Month Misleads Women
  93. Breast cancer is more aggressive in African-American women
  94. Breast cancer is more aggressive in African-American women
  95. Biomarker May Be an Early Predictor of Advanced Breast Cancer
  96. Using the Immune system to kill breast cancer cells
  97. Personalized Cancer Medicine
  98. Real time 3d breast cancer analysis
  99. More Women Are Choosing Double Mastectomy Even When Breast Cancer Is Confined to a Si
  100. Purdue research finds similarities in dog, human breast cancer pre-malignant lesions
  101. How Presentation of Recurrence Risk Influences Decision-Making
  102. MIT radar technology fights breast cancer
  103. How accurate is your radiologist when giving a mammogram?
  104. High-dose chemo and stem cell transplant shows little or no survival benefit for brea
  105. Putting risk in perspective: Do people make better decisions when they understand ave
  106. Men unaware of their cancer risk when female relatives test positive for BRCA mutatio
  107. Green Tea and Its Catechins Inhibit Breast Cancer Xenografts
  108. Agendia's Breast Cancer Prognosis Test Is Now Available In US
  109. Mayo Clinic - Even Tiny Breast Tumors Can Be Aggressive and May Require Maximum Thera
  110. Gene for Breast Density and Cancer Risk correlated
  111. Varying prevalence among ethnic groups of gene mutation that increases risk of breast
  112. Cone-Beam CT faster, potentially more accurate than conventional mammography
  113. Bevacizumab found to improve survival for patients with advanced breast cancer
  114. Taxol with avastin produces noteworthy results
  115. Breast cancer cells have to learn to walk before they can run
  116. Small RNAs can prevent spread of breast cancer
  117. Molecules can block breast cancer's ability to spread
  118. UT Health Science Center researchers decoding saliva to detect breast cancer
  119. Findings Point to Molecular 'Achilles Heel' for Half of Breast Cancer Tumors
  120. Combined Hormone Replacement increases risk of breast cancer fourfold after just 3 ye
  121. Kosan Initiates Phase 2 Trial of Alvespimycin, Second-Generation Hsp90 Inhibitor, in
  122. Further breakthroughs for breast cancer patients
  123. Device Zeroes in on Small Breast Tumors
  124. Unsuspected protein determines resistance to breast cancer treatment
  125. Oncoplastic Surgery
  126. tamoxifen-failed contraceptive to a hit breast cancer drug
  127. The Race Is On: Pharmaceutical Companies Compete To Develop Less Toxic More Efficacio
  128. Contribution Of Cancer Care Nurses Hard To Gauge
  129. Test can reduce recurrence of breast cancer
  130. Hormone Therapy Compromised Breast Cancer Diagnosis Via Mammogram And Biopsy
  131. Considerable Wage Losses Incurred By Breast Cancer Patients In First Year After Diagn
  132. No Additional Benefit Found for Personalized Intervention to mammography screening
  133. Pin Point Radiotherapy Procedure Proved Success For Breast Cancer
  134. Why Do Some Breast Cancers Stop Responding to Targeted Therapy?
  135. New target for cancer therapy may improve treatment for solid tumors
  136. Embryonic Stem Cell Protein Inhibits Breast Cancer
  137. High levels of estrogen associated with breast cancer recurrence
  138. Drugs like aspirin could reduce breast cancer and help existing sufferers
  139. COX-2 expression is marker for cancer development in some benign breast biopsies
  140. MU researcher links hormone replacement therapy to breast cancer
  141. Essential nutrient found in eggs reduces risk of breast cancer by 24 percent
  142. Vitamin D and breast cancer risk
  143. ImClone and FDA agree on protocol for Phase III breast cancer trial
  144. Daily aspirin may reduce risk of common type of breast cancer
  145. Doctors can unmask deceptive high-risk breast tumors using genetic profile
  146. Iressa Shows Promise For Treatment Of Metastatic Breast Cancer
  147. Team discovers new inhibitors of estrogen-dependent breast cancer cells
  148. Improving understanding of cell behaviour in breast cancer
  149. Scientists from the University of Navarra find 5 genes involved in the metastasis of
  150. Researchers identify cancer preventive properties in common vitamin supplement
  151. Targeted Therapies To Lead New Wave Of Breast Cancer Treatments
  152. 2 different breast cancer screening strategies are equally effective
  153. First step towards switching off breast cancer and leukaemia
  154. Risk assessment plays key role in long-term treatment of breast cancer
  155. Dense tissue promotes aggressive cancers
  156. CSHL scientists identify new drug target against virulent type of breast cancer
  157. Curing the Mental Fog experienced by cancer patients
  158. BRCA Mutations Among Asian-American Women May be More Common Than Predicted
  159. Vaccine against HER2-positive breast cancer offers complete protection in lab
  160. Breast Cancer Symposium 2008
  161. The dietary supplement genistein can undermine breast cancer treatment
  162. New findings may improve treatment of inherited breast cancer
  163. 'New' estrogen receptor found to be key player in tamoxifen resistance
  164. Nicotine May Spur Breast Cancer's Spread
  165. Lapatinib Could Be Beneficial In Treating Patients W/Aggressive Inflammatory BC
  166. Discovery leads to rapid mouse 'personalized trials' in breast cancer
  167. ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium 2009
  168. Gene blamed for immunological disorders shown to protect against breast cancer develo
  169. Looking inward reduces stress and outcomes for breast cancer patients
  170. Study examines mastectomy and breast-conserving surgery rates
  171. Hormone mix could cut breast cancer risk and treat symptoms of menopause
  172. Experts issue call to reconsider screening for breast cancer and prostate cancer
  173. USPSTF mammogram recommendation is not new
  174. Personalized Cancer Care Off to Slow Start (Questions Tamoxifen CYP2D6 testing)
  175. Prolactin blocks oncogene associated with poor prognosis in breast cancer
  176. Estrogen and Breast Tumor support
  177. A new cancer vaccine starves tumours of blood
  178. Tykerb enhances the antivascular activity of Avastin
  179. Prediction tool helps estimate local recurrence in patients with noninvasive breast c
  180. Radiation device allows for targeted breast radiation to control cancer
  181. Medscape: Absolute Benefits of Medical Therapies in Phase III Clinical Trials
  182. FDA says breast cancer drug did not extend lives
  183. For the first time, researchers identify and isolate adult mammary stem cells in mice
  184. 'Basal-like' breast cancer does not originate from basal stem cells
  185. Watercress may turn off breast cancer signal
  186. ATP Chemotherapy Response Assay in Breast Cancer
  187. Age 50 as mammography screening threshold proven unfounded
  188. Consuming vegetables linked to decreased breast cancer risk in African-American women
  189. Hormones and Breast Cancer Deaths
  190. Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)
  191. Hormone Therapy Increases Invasive Breast Cancer and Mortality, WHI 11-Year Follow Up
  192. Rictor protein offers scientists a new molecular target for cancer therapies
  193. Lasofoxifene reduces breast cancer risk in postmenopausal osteoporotic women
  194. Discovery halts breast cancer stem cells
  195. Too much of a good thing: Important mechanism in hormone-sensitive breast cancer unco
  196. Women with personal history of breast cancer should be screened with MRI
  197. Sporadic breast cancers start with ineffective DNA repair systems, Pitt researchers f
  198. Drop in breast cancer rates directly tied to reduced hormone therapy
  199. A protein called cFLIP makes tumor cells in breast cancer resistant to treatments
  200. FDA Approves High-Dose Fulvestrant for Refractory Metastatic Breast Cancer
  201. Iniparib plus Chemotherapy in Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
  202. Metastasectomy and Surgical Resection of the Primary Tumor Patients With Stage IV BC
  203. New Study On Multi-Gene Predictors
  204. Cigarette Smoking and the Incidence of Breast Cancer
  205. MicroRNA hinders enzyme that promotes breast cancer spread to brain
  206. Less is more axiom in surgery
  207. Gleevec (imatinib) suppresses breast cancer bone metastases
  208. PARP Inhibitiors in Breast and Other Cancers
  209. The I-SPY 2 Clinical Trial
  210. A Genomic Predictor of Response and Survival Following Taxane-Anthracycline Chemo
  211. Cabozantinib Shows Promise against Bone Metastases
  212. Impact of Biomarkers on the Treatment Effects of Avastin in MBC
  213. The issue surrounding Avastin
  214. MMTV oncogenic retrovirus
  215. Regular Biopsies Needed in Relapsed Breast Cancer Patients
  216. Alcohol activates cellular changes that make tumor cells spread
  217. Protein plays key role in progression of breast cancer
  218. First Genome Sequencing Clinical Trial For TNBC Points To New Treatments
  219. Taxol maintenance not recommended for stable metastatic breast cancer
  220. New Targets in Breast Cancer Therapy
  221. Surprising Connection Between Breast Cancer Cells And Surrounding Tissue
  222. Detecting breast cancerís fingerprint in a droplet of blood
  223. Lynch Syndrome Linked to Breast, Pancreatic Cancers
  224. Breast Cancer Is 10 Diseases Says Landmark Study
  225. Weekly Taxol and Avastin in patients with MBC
  226. Susan G Komen
  227. Assay Results and Bayes' Theorem
  228. T-DM1 Anitbody-drug conjugates (ADCs)
  229. FDA approved Afinitor (everolimus) to treat women with breast cancer
  230. Diagnostic accuracy may be improved via 3D scanning technique
  231. Breast Cancer After Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  232. Research Verifies Traditional Chinese Medicine Breakthrough for Cancer Treatment
  233. Spin and Bias Sometimes Used to Put Best Face on Breast Cancer Study Findings
  234. The Role of the Platinum Derivatives in Cancer Therapy
  235. Avastin (bevacizumab) Fails in Advanced, HR-Positive Breast Cancer?
  236. Molecular Profiling Doesn't Trump Standard Pathology
  237. Ten Years of Adjuvant Tamoxifen Found Superior to Five
  238. Bilateral Breast Cancer
  239. Study suggests Tykerb (lapatinib) may protect heart
  240. A Patient Perspective on Brain Metastases in Breast Cancer
  241. Circulating Tumor DNA Detects Metastatic Breast Cancer
  242. Herceptin (Trastuzumab) for Breast Cancer Linked to CNS Metastases
  243. Inflammatory Breast Cancer
  244. Screening breast ultrasound detects cancers missed on mammography in women with dense
  245. Epidemiology in Breast Cancer
  246. Researchers Identify New Pathway, Enhancing Tamoxifen to Tame Aggressive Breast Cance
  247. Foundation Medicine and the Big Barrier to Cancer Genomic Sequencing
  248. Non hormonal therapy for hot flashes and night sweats
  249. Phase II Study Previously Treated Locally Adv Metastatic TNBC
  250. New target combined with Tamoxifen aids in ER-positive breast cancers