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  1. Stem Cell Therapy
  2. Nanoparticle-arsenic combination makes for more potent anticancer agent
  3. Australian Discovery Could Lead To New Leukemia Treatments
  4. $20 Million Gift to Establish Cancer Stem Cell Research Center at Stanford
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  6. Familial (inherited) leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma: an overview.
  7. Acute Myeloid Leukemia
  8. Abbott Introduces CE-Marked DNA Tests in Europe for the Detection of Chromosomal Abno
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  12. Phase 1 study of low-dose prolonged exposure schedules of the hypomethylating agent 5
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  14. New drug therapy to combat GVHD in stem-cell patients shows significant reduction in
  15. HHMI News: Critical Stem Cell Survival Factors Found
  16. News: ChemGenex Recieves Patent Protection on Production of Leukemia Candidate. Genet
  17. Leukemia - Unraveling the complex regulation of stem cells: implications for aging a
  18. Study Indicates Increased Second Solid Cancers After Stem Cell Transplantation
  19. Phase I Trial of Rigel' Aurora Kinase Inhibitor Begins
  20. H. Lee Moffitt Researchers Discover Potential Targets to Reduce Risk of Stem Cell Tra
  21. Callisto Pharmaceuticals Starts Phase I Clinical Trial with L-Annamycin in Pediatric
  22. CD25 expression on donor CD4+ or CD8+ T cells is associated with an increased risk fo
  23. Antioxidant found in many foods and red wine is potent and selective killer of leukem
  24. University of Pittsburgh discovers genetic 'shut down' trigger in healthy immune cell
  25. Bone marrow microenvironment can contribute to blood cell disorder
  26. Pre-cancerous blood diseases can be products of their environment
  27. HHMI News: Discovery in Fish May Aid Human Blood Cell Transplants
  28. Modern Pathology - DNA methylation in breast and colorectal cancers
  29. Tiny Tweezers and Yeast Help St. Jude Show How Cancer Drug TOPOTECAN Works
  30. Children and young people show elevated leukaemia rates near nuclear facilities
  31. Adult survivors of childhood leukemia exercise less, worsening high risk for obesity
  32. MGH researchers confirm that bone marrow restores fertility in female mice
  33. U of M begins nation's first clinical trial using T-reg cells from cord blood in leuk
  34. Leukemia drug proves safe and effective over the long term
  35. For women, Pathenogenesis is now a reality
  36. Lung Function Predicts Mortality After Stem Cell Transplant
  37. Eleven million donors in Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide!
  38. Single microRNA fine-tunes innate immune response
  39. Leukemia Therapy With Imatinib During Pregnancy May Cause Infant Abnormalities
  40. New Drug Targets Three Kinds of Leukemia
  41. New Technology Enhances and Expands ?Homing?and Therapeutic Potential of Cord Blood S
  42. Dr. Alan List Named Physician-In-Chief Of Moffitt Cancer Center
  43. Emisphere Technologies Announces the Launch of a Human Clinical Trial For Oral Parath
  44. Tumor-inhibiting protein could be effective in treating leukemia
  45. Scientists develop new cancer-killing compound from salad plant
  46. Drug in new class of targeted therapies shows early promise against blood-related can
  47. X-rays linked to increased childhood leukemia risk
  48. Tiny RNA shown to cause multiple types of leukemia
  49. Researchers make critical leukemia stem cell discovery
  50. Tumor Lysis Syndrome
  51. Wnt Signaling Inhibitors
  52. New resource for living with a blood or marrow transplant
  53. Cytokine treatment during chemotherapy (Adjuvant Chemotherapy) linked with Leukemia
  54. ZRP System - Leukemia Immune Therapy
  55. Peripheral-Blood Stem Cells versus Bone Marrow from Unrelated Donors
  56. New Insights On Leukemia From Study Of Cancer Cell Metabolism
  57. What Is Leukemia?
  58. Monoclonal Antibody to Reach Inside Cancer Cell
  59. What is a hematopoietic stem cell and how do they help treat cancer?
  60. Bioactive chemicals from daucus carota juice extracts for the treatment of leukemia
  61. Common Mutations Found in Rare Leukemias
  62. The Promise of T-Cell Immunotherapy
  63. Antigen and Lymphopenia-Driven Donor T Cells
  64. Test Shown to Reduce Early Cancer Deaths is Now Available to Patients
  65. Microarray technology may better define prognosis and treatment for leukemia
  66. Checkpoint Inhibitors in Hematologic Cancers